Several Ways Cats Pamper Their Humans

December 02, 2017
Do you ever get the feeling that your pet is taking care of you, rather than vice versa?  You may not be too far off.  Recent research has demonstrated conclusively that owning a loving pet provide innumerable benefits, enriching both your physical and your emotional life.

Here are five ways that cats pamper their humans in ways you may not have realized before.

1.  Your cat may just help you get a better night's sleep.  Researchers are just beginning to measure the sleep patterns of individuals who sleep with their pets, and gauge the effect pets have on their owners.  So far, it appears that sleeping with your pet can provide significant benefits.  Human beings that sleep along side their animals are certainly not beginning a new phenomenon.  It is believed that in prehistoric times, humans and animals slept close together to create and sustain warmth.  Even now, with our space heaters and air conditioning units, nothing quite beats the warmth and comfort of having a loving pet at your bedside.

The emotional and psychological benefits of sleeping with a pet can be even more substantial.  Just knowing that your pet is going to join you at night can help provide with a relaxing environment that is conducive to getting a good night's rest.  Winding down after a long day's labor can be a treat for both you and your cat.  Moreover, the time you spend together each night serves to enhance your relationship and helps to nourish a sustaining emotional bond.

2.  Your cat may also be pampering you with their busy paws.  Cat lovers are very familiar with the kneading action that many cats make with their paws when they are in a relaxed state.  As many cat lovers’ can testify, this kneading paw action can give quite a massage!  Stroking, petting, or brushing your cat's fur can also be a relaxing and enriching experience for you and your cat.

3.  The allure of the sweet purr.  What cat lover hasn't enjoyed the soft trill of a cat's purr?  The sound and vibration of a cat's purr is beginning to be scientifically studied, and it is believed that the sound can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and aid your ability to fall asleep.  The cat purr phenomenon has begun to grow in popularity, with researchers taking interest and investigating the so-called curative and sedative effects of a cat's purr.  A new compact disc featuring the purring of cats is even being marketed to individuals who have trouble falling asleep.

4.  The joy of companionship.  To those who've never experienced the companionship of a cat, it can be difficult to describe the allure of having a feline companion at your side.  Cats provide a type of companionship that is marked by loyalty and affection.  Unlike dogs, cats are notoriously more independent than dogs.  They are capable of grooming themselves and going to the bathroom with little need for help from their owners.  This combination of loyalty and independence creates a unique relationship between cat and owner that parallels many human relationships.

5. Cats pamper their owners by showing them a better way to live.  It has been argued in the pat that animals often experience life more richly than humans.  Let your cat pamper you by observing and learning from her life philosophy.  Your cat's philosophy may include:
Take frequent naps.  They don't call it a 'cat nap' for nothing!  Cat's famously fall asleep quickly, then awaken refreshed and ready to play at a moments notice.  Taking a moment in your day to rest can ease even the most difficult day.  So do as your cat does, and take a nap!
Bask in your solitude.  Even the most outgoing person needs a few minutes each day to recharge and refresh.  Cats wisely know that solitude feeds the soul and distresses your mind and body.  So take a cue from your cat and take some time out for yourself.
Stretch the tension out of your tired body.  What do cats do best, besides sleeping and eating?  Stretching!  When a cat rises from a long nap, note the moments of luxurious stretching.  Not rushed or harried, but simply a long, slow stretch to slowly reawaken the body.  Human beings, too, would benefit from frequent stretching.

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