Pillow Fight! Pamper your Princess Kitty with a Plump Pillow

December 02, 2017

Want to really pamper your princess kitty?  For the truly pampered cat, pick out a plush new pillow for her to doze and nap on.  Hip new pet boutiques are quickly coming into fashion across the United States, and one of the top selling items at pet boutiques, besides clothing accessories, are stylish beds, pillows and other sleeping accessories that your pet can use to nap during the day.  With most cats sleeping for about 16 hours each day, buying a comfortable pillow or bed for your kitty can actually be quite a practical investment in your cat's health and well-being.

If you're just starting to look for the perfect plump pillow for your favored feline, here are a few tips for finding just the right pillow.

1.  Measure your cat before you go shopping.  More specifically, measure the length of your cat when she is sleeping.  Cats curl themselves tightly to sleep, so your large size cat may actually only need a medium sized pillow.  No matter how well you think you know your kitty, you would be surprised just how puzzling the act of shopping for the right-sized pillow can be.  Should you go for the medium-sized pillow, or the larger one?  Do you think she'll fit OK on the small one?  These are just some of the questions you might find yourself debating if you don't measure your kitty before hand.

Cat pillows come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 18 inches to more than 50 inches!  Be certain you know what size range you are shopping for.

2.  Once you've measured the length of your cat when she's curled up and dozing, add about one foot to this measurement to find the proper size of the pillow.

3.  Before buying a pillow, make a note of the fabric.  It can be easy to get carried away when you think you find the right pillow.  These days, there is quite an assortment of pet pillows and beds to choose from.  But just because a certain pet pillow seems to match the décor of your apartment, it may not be the right pillow for your cat.  Fleece is an all-around popular and good choice for a pet pillow:  it is warm, soft, easy to clean, and durable.

You should also make careful note of the pillow's fitting.  While cotton and foam may be suitable for a pillow that will remain inside at all times, it may not hold up well if you plan to travel with the pillow.  If you suspect the pillow will eventually be exposed to the elements, or if you live in a damp, humid environment, consider purchasing a pillow that contains cedar filling.  Cedar repels moisture, dampness, moths, and other insects.

4.  Consider your cat's special needs.  If you have an aging or arthritic pet, make sure you buy a pillow that is designed to meet their needs.  If you want your cat to be very comfortable, consider purchasing a pillow that has poly fill lining.  These pillows are designed to mold themselves to your pet's specific shape, and may provide an extra degree of comfort for your aging pet.

5.  Resist the cute designs and trendy motifs.  Many pet boutiques carry pet pillows and beds which are beautiful to look at, but which may not be practical for your pet's needs.  Remember, the decorative designs may wear out quickly.  It's more important that you find a pillow or bed you think your cat will love to sleep in for years to come.

6.  Be prepared to face a wide range of prices.  What can you expect to pay for a good quality pet pillow or bed?  The price range for these types of pet accessories can range from $20 to more than $200!   With so many different price ranges to choose from, it's important that you prioritize the features you are interested in.

7.  Go round.  If your cat sleeps curled into a ball, then you should opt for a round pillow.  As you shop for your pet pillow, you will find many rounds, squares, and oddly shaped pillows.  A round pillow is a good choice for the majority of cats.  If, however, your cat likes to sleep sprawled out, you may consider buying a square or rectangular-shaped pillow.

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