Meowingly Good Massages for Cats

December 03, 2017
A relaxing massage is such an orgasmic indulgence. Each muscle worked over, rubbed down, and kneaded. Every ache seems to just go away, rubbed out of existence by your talented massage therapist. Massages are not only relaxing, but also very healthy. Relaxation is important to your over all health. They also will reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, promotes circulation, and emotional well being. Not to mention, it just feels wonderful, and you feel just as great once it is over. If you think you feel good after a massage, imagine how your cat will feel. After all, cats love the good rubbings and loved to be stroked. Not to mention, it has just as many health benefits for them as it does for us.

Massaging your cat is good therapy for both of you. You and your cat will find it soothing and relaxing. Massaging your cat also makes you both closer together, and allows you to easily bond with your cat. In multiple cat households this can give personalized attention to each cat separately. Petting, touching, stroking, and massaging helps bring down your cats blood pressure and increases their blood circulation. This is great for your cat's immune system and over all health. This also keeps you current with your cat’s skin and hair. If there are any skin issues or lumps they will be easily detected and treated early. And, by the time you are through massaging, stroking, rubbing, petting, and pampering, you can make any cat a friend for life!

Start by scratching behind her ear and you will have her undivided attention. She will stop whatever she is doing, and command that you continue. Indulge her demands and continue on with the massage. Rub her entire ear including inside of the tip. Scratch the top of her head between his ears. By now she should be purring purrs of utter delight.  This is a very good sign. Now move on to her other ear. Just like before, rub her entire ear including inside of the tip. Scratch and caress the side of her face, below the whiskers. Her whiskers are sensitive, so be careful around them. Now scratch under her chin. Most cats absolutely love to have this part of their bodies scratched and loved on. She will be happy to stay around as long as you keep touching her right.

Scratch the other side of her face. Scratch her ears again, just a little. Scratch the top of her head. In a continuous and fluid motion, stroke from the top of his head down his entire back. Scratch down her back several times with your hand wide open to spread across her entire backside. Scratch down her entire back and down the top end of her tail several times. Stroke her entire tail with your hand all the way around it several times. She is in heaven by this point she is like putty in your hands! Lay her down, if she has not already done it for you so that she is offering herself to you completely. Take one leg at a time and stroke it from her shoulder to her paw. Stroke each leg several times. Stroke anywhere else she will allow except her tummy, as this is usually seen as an invitation to play, which would defeat the entire purpose of the massage.

You cat should be very relaxed, happy, and purring like crazy now. Make this exercise take as long as you want. Cats can be patient when it suits their needs, so I doubt she will want to be going anywhere at this point.  She is in kitty heaven and she loves it.  You can take as long as you want and she is going to sit there and take it.  She is getting all the attention she can stand, and her kitty body is feeling all nice and massaged. You have made a friend for life. She is in heaven and she has a new found respect for you. She now has a masseuse on staff!  She loves being the queen.  Be prepared for the fact that she will now demand this attention on a regular basis.  Good luck!

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