Kitty Condos - Why Should a Cat Have Her Own Place in Your Home?

December 03, 2017
Cats love to do many things, but there are 2 things cats like to do more than anything else.  They love to scratch and they love to sleep.  That is why a kitty condo is the best option for any pet owner.  Cats love to scratch anything that reaches higher than them and won't move when they touch it.  Couches, chairs, and beds are prime targets for your cat's razor sharp claws.  Cats also love to sleep.  On average cats sleep about 16 hours a day.  They spend about 2 hours a day scratching and the rest of the day annoying someone to pet them and caress them and feed them and just about anything else your cat has talked you into doing by looking at you and purring. 

You spent a lot of money on couches, sofas, chairs, curtains, beds, rugs, and carpets, or even if you didn't, they still cost a good chunk of change to repair or replace.  From your cats' point of view, your furniture is THEIRS!  If you are ok with that, you may stop reading here; you have officially become your cats' indentured servant.  Good luck with that life of servitude. There is an expression that every cat owner will agree to: "Dogs have masters, cats have staff".  If you are part of the staff, then your entire house is a kitty condo and this article serves no purpose.  If you are the master just letting your cat think she has a staff, (lets face it, those are the only 2 options!) then lets continue. 

Now if you agree that a cat does not need to be scratching your stuff, then you need to buy your little feline a kitty condo.  Once bought, don't expect her to just jump on and know what to do.  The first thing she is going to do is look at it and then look at you with a "What the heck is that, and why are you looking at me like that?" look on her face.  You are going to need to encourage her to use it; otherwise you just spent fifty to a hundred dollars on carpeted corner art.  WOW! 

There are a few things that you need to make sure your kitty condo has before bringing it home to display as art…I mean to give to your cat.  It should have at least one scratching post, a cat perch, a cat bed, and a cat tree (A.K.A. a kitty condo).  Scratching posts are probably the most important part of the whole deal.  Cats NEED to scratch.  This is how they keep their nails trimmed and healthy. They also get their exercise this way. Make sure it accommodates the amount and activity level of your cats.

You don't need to spend a fortune on kitty condos with special beds in them. If you let your cat talk you into it, you could be spending well over a hundred bucks on a kitty condo that does not serve the needs of your cat.  Remember, regardless of what your cat may tell you, YOU are the master.  Try not to forget that. 

 A cat needs a bed that is private, clean, and quiet. Old blankets, pillows and towels work great. These things seem to be where they tend to sleep even if you buy the most expensive cat bed. They will be just as happy with this as they would a silk lined bed stuffed with Egyptian cotton. 

Cats also LOVE perches.  They love to be up high looking at everything around them.  Some cat perches are designed to be placed on a windowsill so that your cat can look out of a window.  This is something that cats love to do. 

Kitty condos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and layouts that should meet the approval of your cat.  They are usually carpeted and give your cat several levels for lots of enjoyment.  It provides the perfect place for you cat to scratch, sleep, and perch from high on her throne.  Every kitty needs a kitty condo. Most will serve the purpose of a throne as well, and what kitty queen is not happy with a throne?  But just keep one thing in mind; if you spend more on your cats' condo than you did on yours, you need to rethink you and your cats' relationship.  You should not be part of the staff.  That's what the dog is for!

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