Five Homemade Toys to Keep your Kitty Happy

December 03, 2017

Sometimes cats can be very easily amused.  Don't be surprised or offended if your cat has more fun with the packaging of the toy you just spent a fortune on.  Here are some ideas for FREE toys that your cat should enjoy

1: Paper Balls
Again, simple things can very easily amuse cats.  Take for example: paper balls.  Grab a sheet of scrap paper and crumble it into a ball.  "Abra Cadabra" you just made your first cat toy.  Throw this to your cat and watch him chase it for hours.  A little piece of paper will fascinate her.  She will love the way it just rolls around and she just can't seem to catch it.  You think I am kidding, don't you?  Go ahead.  Try it.  What harm can it do?  If she does not like it, you spent ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! So go ahead and try it. 
Cats love these things, and unlike balls with smooth surfaces, these things can roll in any unpredictable direction, and on floors they tend to make a scratching noise that cats go bonkers over.

2: Old Socks 
Yes, you read correct: Old Socks.  Tie them in a knot the size of a mouse and you have the perfect cat toy.  It is best if the sock is from you or someone the cat really likes.  They will smell you on it, and therefore love it even more. Stuff some catnip in with it to spice things up.  You cat will chase this around for hours.  You might even consider tying a string to the end and dragging it along the floor.  This will make your free toy an interactive free toy!

3: Cylinders
There are two basic ways to go about creating a cylinder toy for your cat.  You can make a noisy one or a quiet one.  We all know from experience, most pets love things that make noise.  Cats, dogs, and husbands, as well as other varieties of pets love to make noise.

A film canister is one of the easiest things to make a toy out of.  To make it noisy, just fill it with some rice or a few small pebbles.  If you do this make sure you securely close the lid.  Using some type of non-toxic glue is best.  You don't want your cat eating raw rice.  It can cause lots of digestive problems that, unlike your film canister, are not free. 

You can also use old paper towel rolls; toilet tissue rolls, or just about anything shaped like a cylinder. Your cats will roll it around for hours.  If it is something large, like a carpet roll, your cat may also climb in it and have a blast.

4: Boxes
Cats love boxes.  They love to explore them and claim them as their new home.  If you bring home a new TV, make sure you check the box for any of your feline friends, because she will almost certainly be in there.  It seems that there is an invisible message written on boxes that only cats can see that says "VACANCY- FREE ROOM!"  Cats seem to be attracted to boxes.  They will get in, jump out, get back in, jump back out, and usually end up falling asleep in their new home.  To them, you just brought home a palace.  You are such a good servant.  She will reward you later, by allowing you to pet her!

5: Catnip
Place a little catnip in anything you can stuff it in that your cat plays with.  Socks, stockings, cylinders, make sachets and place them in boxes, corners, and kitty condos.  Your cat will get a sniff of this and go nuts.  She will be happy for hours. Please remember that catnip does not work on all cats.  Usually they do not affect kittens and older cats, and some are just genetically immune to the effects of this mint.  If nothing else, you can always make a tea out of it and drink it yourself.  Catnip tea is a great herbal tea for people.  But if your cat does like catnip, don't let her catch you stealing her catnip, or else it will be, "Off with your head!!"

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