Six Top Cat Comforts to Pamper your Family Feline

November 28, 2017

The family cat likes to be just as comfortable as you are.  Consider one of the six most common comforts for your growing family feline pet.

The six top cat comforts for your cat are as follows:

Padded Perch: If your cat cannot be outside, he or she would at least like to look out the window once in awhile, and have a cozy place to lie while doing so.  This perch usually is filled on the inside with at least one inch thick layer of foam, and a carpeted or faux lamb’s wool coating on the outside. This unit comes most often in two different sizes that adjust to most window ledges without use of tools. Besides the cat wanting to rest here while looking out the window, the cat may also want to take a short nap here (thus the pun “catnap”).Another variation of the padded perch is the kind that is mounted to the wall by the use of a VelcroTM stick on.  This type of padded perch is usually made in a similar way as the padded perch, and hold up to 40 pounds of feline weight.  This is another place for your family feline to take a rest, or catnap (pun intended, really).

Plush Pet Bed: Just like you and your children, your cat would like a warm, comfortable place to sleep at night or to take a nap. This is different from the padded perch, because it is a place for your cat to sleep for longer periods of time.  Usually these beds are made with soft, squishy sides and padded bottoms to provide the ultimate resting place for your feline pet.  Other variations of the plush bed include a kind with a decorative wooden border, with a soft mattress to lie upon.  These beds sometimes resemble miniature day beds, or small corner beds that will fit in small spaces.  If you choose to pamper your feline pet by buying that animal a bed, there are some things you should remember. For instance, you should make sure that the size of the bed is not too big or too small.  If the bed ends up being too big, it would be very difficult for your cat to stay warm.  If it is too small, the cat could fall out of it, or not be able to stretch out fully.  Make sure that you pay particular attention to the size of the bed when purchasing it, to ensure proper fit and comfort for your animal.

Another thing to remember is to take thought to where in the house the bed will go.  You would want to make sure that the space that you have for your pet’s bed will be the right size.  This will be easier for cats than for other animals, such as dogs, because in most cases cats do not grow to be very large.  Therefore, space consideration is necessary, but is not a huge problem. The biggest concern is to find a bed shaped in a way that will help your cat be comfortable.

Scratching Posts: A cat who has a scratching post will feel as if he or she has gone to heaven.  This is the best way to keep a cat’s claws busy, so it does not scratch up your furniture.  Furthermore, you do not have to worry about whether or not the process of de-clawing an animal is humane or not, because in this case it would not be necessary.  The cat would have a place to put his or her claws other than the two thousand dollar leather couch you own.

One thing to know about scratching posts is that numerous variations of them have been invented.  One scratching post model is a simple pole, usually two to four feet in length attached to the base.  This is a small design in which the cat can reach his or her front paws up as far as possible and scratch around it. The cat can scratch around the base of this post as well.
Another scratching post model is the two-story one with a place for the cat to take a nap on the second floor, and on the top of the unit. The outside of this unit is usually carpeted just like a regular scratching post would be, and the inside upper floor and top of unit is perfect for sleeping. This is a great climbing unit for cats as well, and is a perfect model to have if you own two or more cats.
Another scratching post model would be the kind that would represent a small jungle gym for a toddler.  It has various places for the cat to scratch, climb, and lie around, and nap.  Usually it contains tunnels for the cat to crawl through as well.  This particular model comes in an extremely large number of sizes and models, so you are sure to find one that is right for you.
Another type of scratching post would be the homemade model.  If you happen to be a crafty person, you can make your own scratching post into one of the models explained above, or even more.  Materials needed would be various sized barrels (cardboard or wood would be best), different sized hollow tubes, wooden squares and rectangles (for the bases), nail or staples, and either a hammer or a nail (or staple) gun.  Some further instruction can be found online, in a library, or from a friend or relative if needed.
Whether you buy an already made scratching post or construct your own, your cat will love every minute of it, and will probably be grateful you have not cut his or her claws off.

Grooming Supplies: Grooming supplies can mean a multitude of items, even nail clippers or shampoos.  However, the kind of grooming supplies and treatments that a cat would most likely enjoy would be when you comb his or her hair. Cats like to be rubbed, especially behind the ears.  Therefore, you can use this concept to your advantage when trying to a routine tick or flea check.  If you find a brush with bristle ends that are soothing to the skin, your cat would really the sensual feeling of you coming the cat’s coat of hair.  It would be like a human giving another human a massage or a cosmologist washing a customer’s hair before trimming it.Other supplies used can comfort a cat, but it depends on whether that cat will mind being touched for a long period of time.  That would include using shampoos that are as gentle as a baby’s shampoo to wash the cat’s hair. If your cat does not mind getting wet, the calming of hand washing the cat’s fur can be very relaxing to the cat.

One other grooming supply that can be used is a self-grooming arched brush. This arched brush stands upright on a base, and is big enough for the cat to crawl through, but small enough to remove all the loose hair from your cat.  Your cat will enjoy this, because most cats love to rub against objects around the house anyway.
Remember these tips about grooming to pamper your cat, because your cat does no more want to be spoiled than a child.

Comfortable Pet Carriers: Most cats do not like being transported in a small pet carrier. However, some carriers can actually provide more comfort than others.  Flexible carriers that are shaped like a duffle bag or purse are sometimes recommended over the plastic box shaped ones, and fit in a traveling vehicle a lot easier.  These types are often well ventilated, and are usually equipped with a padded bottom for the cat to lie down upon.  Some carriers designs come with a rain cover to protect the pet in the event of an outdoor storm while the pet owner takes the cat bike riding. If you are a cat owner, you would be very wise in considering this type of pet carrier over the traditional box type.

 Decorative Safety Collars and Jewelry: Another way to pamper your family feline is to make your family cat look great.  That way, your cat will feel better going out into the world, mostly because people will respond to how well your animal looks in appearance.  Some safety collars have designs on them made from colored rhinestone, beads, or other decorative stones.  You can keep your pet near you in style, and the pet will also be safe as well.  Be sure for maximum comfort, to find a collar material that will not irritate your cat’s skin.

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