Six Great Games to Play with Your Cat

November 27, 2017

Ever wonder how you could strengthen the bond between you and your cat?  There are at least six games you can play with your cat.

Note: The foil ball or hockey puck shape objects used for the first two cat games described should be thrown away or put away after use. It is fine for game use, but not meant to be for unattended cat play.

Two games to play with your cat involve the use of aluminum foil, one of which is called Paw Hockey.  In order to play this, first shape a portion of tin foil into a round hockey puck shape.  Then, show the cat the aluminum foil puck, and then place it on an uncarpeted finish hardwood, linoleum or tile floor.  After you place the puck on the floor, then push it enough for it to glide across the room.  Soon, your can will want to copy you, by pawing the puck, causing the puck to slide across the floor.

Another game using aluminum foil would be the game called Chase the thing on the String.  This game involves tying a ball of aluminum foil onto a long stick or poll (the use of twine would be best), and then giggling it around in front of the cat while the cat paws at it. Be sure to let your cat grab the object with his or her paws one in awhile, so the cat can feel like a successful predator.

The Chase the Thing on the String game can also be played with objects, rubber mice, and other objects that can be attached easily to a poll with a string.

Two other games you can play with your cat involve the use of a ping pong ball. The first ping pong ball game is called the Staircase Dash. First place your cat at the top of the stairs (or pay attention for an opportunity when your cat is already waiting at the top of the stairs).  Then, from the base of the stairs, fling a ping pong ball against the side wall of the staircase, about two steps below where the cat is sitting.  This thrown ball will then bounce down the steps, and the cat will vigorously chase after the ball as it bounces its way down the steps.

A second game using a ping pong ball would be for the game Bathtub Scurry. First, clear any shampoo and soap bottles from around the outside of the tub, and clear out any bathtub toys.  Then, put your cat in the clean, dry bathtub, and show the cat the ping pong ball.  After that, you should bounce the ball off the side of the tub to get it moving. Your cat will begin chasing after the ball as it bounces around. If the ball begins to slow down, give it another roll to get it going again. Your cat will love this game and be amused for quite some time.

Another cat game to play would be shadows on the wall.  This is played by the use of a flashlight, and small objects.  First, you should start by shining light onto a wall in a dark room.  Then you can take small cat toys or other small objects, and the cat will chase after the shadows, as if he or she is chasing after a predator.  Another variation of this would be to make birds, mice, or other animal shapes with your hands that would be represented by shadows on the wall. The cat would recognize the shape of these shadows and chase after those as well.
Another fun cat game for you and your cat to play together is the Chase the Bubbles game.  You can purchase already made bubble mix or make some of your own. Then, you can take a bubble wand, and blow bubbles in all different directions around the room, or even outside. Watch as your cat jumps up, or runs to try to catch the floating bubbles. This will keep you and your cat busy for quite awhile.

Another technique to use when playing this game; would be to alternate between blowing bubbles around the room and waving the wand around the room.

If you need a recipe to use to make your own bubbles to use for the Chase the Bubbles game would be the following: Mix ½ cup of dishwashing liquid, 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons glycerin, and ½ teaspoons sugar together. This is the same recipe that is often used for creating bubbles to use for children.

These six games will keep you and your cat busy for hours, and help the cat to get the exercise he or she really needs.

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