Seven Ideas to keep your Feline’s Fur Shiny and Pampered

November 29, 2017

You have brought home your new kitty and are all excited about the new life you have ahead of you together. Of course, you want to make sure that her needs are met, and also that you keep her looking beautiful and feeling healthy. To this end you have invested in some Guillotine nail clippers to make sure her little claws do not get too long and perhaps get caught in the fabric of your couch.  Is there anything else you need to keep your feline’s fur shiny and pampered? Well, here are seven tips to keep it looking beautiful!

Purchase only premium brand cat food.  Cat food has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your cat’s fur, and premium food will leave it looking shiny and healthy, while diets comprised of low quality food will often leave it looking dull and brittle.  Additionally, or course, there are a number of benefits that are associated with the feeding of high quality food.
Bathe your cat is necessary.  Yes, it is true that cats will shun the water like vampires are said to shun garlic, but there are rare instances in which a bath is necessary.  If, for example, you bring home a stray it is very likely that she is invested with fleas or mites, and needs to be thoroughly cleaned up. Whatever the need may be, do not use your shampoo or shower gel.  Instead, do purchase a high quality pet shampoo that is especially formulated for cats.

Buy the right type of brush.  You knew that brushing your cat would be part of this routine, but did you also know that not all brushes are created equal?  If you have a long haired cat, you will need a different kind of brush than if you had a domestic shorthair. Brushes overall should have soft bristles or be made of plastic or rubber.  Avoid the metal kind even though it might seem easier to use.  One hard brush stroke can have you draw blood if you are very careful, and this will make it a miserable experience for the both of you.

Brush your cat regularly.  Cats love to be brushed and your will let you know just how much she appreciates it.  Make sure that you brush in the same direction that the fur is actually growing and not against the grain.  Furthermore, if your kitty has come from the outside or was neglected in any way, you may want to have some grooming scissors handy to cut out the mats that might have formed in her coat.

Contemplate the use of vitamins. Although sometimes not needed when feeding your cat a highly nutritious diet, some cats have special dietary needs that may date back to the time they were living on the streets or were not cared for as properly and lovingly as they should have been.  For these kinds of cats your veterinarian may suggest a dietary supplement.  This kitty vitamin will have the additional benefit of improving the look and feel of the cat’s hair and repairing a lot of the damage that a lack of care may have caused.

Keep your cat indoors.  If you are worried about mats developing, you may wish to keep your cat inside, especially if she is a long haired animal. Cats love to roll around outside, and she will collect dirt, twigs, and leaves in her fur which will then mat up.  Add to this the danger of picking up some parasites, and you will find compelling reasons for not letting your long haired sweetie run wild outside.

Last but not least pet your cat!  As easy as it may sound, petting your cat will help to distribute the natural oils her skin exudes and get her fur evenly coated with them.  If you ever needed an excuse or a reason to do something you already enjoy so much, here it is!  Petting your cat is a wonderful grooming and bonding tool as well, and your relationship with your little feline companion will soar to new heights. Isn’t living with a cat simply wonderful?  So go ahead and keep you cat looking healthy and happy by pampering her.

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