Pamper your Cat with a Padded Perch

November 27, 2017

Ever notice your cat sitting on or near a window? This is because even cats that stay in the house most of the time like to see outside.  Therefore, you may as well make the feline pet feel as comfortable as possible. Just think of a padded perch for your feline pet as the cat’s own personal recliner center and/or a place to scratch and climb, depending upon the particular style of the perch.

One padded perch is made out of carpet stuffed with one inch thick foam for extra comfort. This perch adjusts to attach to most windows without tools it comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, green, and purple.  This allows the cat to lounge around while enjoying the outside view through the window. This padded perch comes in a large size and a small size for different size cats, and to fit on different sized window areas.

Another type of padded window perch for cats is the one that attaches to the wall with Velcro. Most models can come with or without heating capabilities, and can hold up to 40 pounds of weight.  The heated models will usually heat the pad usually 12 to 15 degrees warmer than the average temperature in the room. The inside of this perch contains an extremely soft layer of orthopedic foam, and the outside has the look and feel of faux (imitation) lambs wool.

The heating unit of the padded perch can be plugged into any outlet, and unplugged during the summer months.  It acts a similar way that an electric blanket would keep a human warm.

Some padded perches for cats not only provide comfort, but also a part of a scratching post. The cat can scratch on the post all he or she wants, but still climb up inside and sleep on the comfortable bed. These perches also come in several roomy sizes. You would be able to find one that is perfect for the size of your feline friend.

One variation of the padded perch and bed combo is the kind that has a 27” loft perch and also includes a bed. It is often made out of cedar, which is a wood that deters insects. This bed and perch combo can be set in an indoor or outdoor hallway, stairs, basement, garage, or any other room in the house. It is small enough that it can fit in most tight spots, yet roomy enough for an average sized house cat.

Treat your cat the way you would want to be treated, and make sure he or she has a comfortable perch to lie upon.  Also, make sure that the window that the perch is attached to is well insolated so the cat does not catch a cold or get sick from a cold draft.

Other variations of perches on a stand are padded with carpet, and are climbable, for hours, and hours of feline fun. In most of these models there is often a place to sleep provide for the cat as well.  Also, some perching models come with dangling toys attached for additional fun for the cat.

Furthermore, some of the perching models that include scratching posts and dangling cat toys provide entertainment for the pet owner, as well as the pet owner’s family and friends.  These create happy memories for one to cherish for a lifetime.

Yet another type of padded cat perch is the two-story hiding perch and combo scratching perch.  This perch has a padded upper and lower floor, and provides two places for the cat to rest, as well as carpeted material for the cat to climb upon.

Cats are sometimes just as sensitive as humans, and like to be comfortable.  Pamper your cat with one of a variety of padded perches, and combination padded perches and scratching post.

Feel free to browse here or to one of the related links to find further information about padded perches and scratching posts for your pet.

Your cat will appreciate the fun, and you will enjoy your pet not scratching your furniture, or shedding hair on it.

Find a padded perch that is right for your cat today, by browsing the many online pet shopping sites that offer free information for you to take advantage of. You, your whole family, and especially your cat will appreciate it.

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