Pamper Your Cat with the Hottest Styles in Collars

November 27, 2017

Your pet is a part of you, and when you pamper your pet, you are really pampering yourself.  You can take your cat out in style, decorating him or her with one of a variety of stylish collars. Some of these styles are just for decoration alone, though, but also for safety, as well as to help you keep time.

It is important to differentiate between a safety collar, and a collar just for decoration.  However, be assured that even the more practical collars (to keep your animal near you, and for keeping track of time while on the road) come in up to date styles that would make your pet look very attractive.

One of the hottest styles of cat collars today is the personalized rhinestone slide letter and charm collar. These collars are meant for decoration purposes only, especially if your can already wears a safety collar.

You can choose initials, names, or small phrases to add to the collar.  Furthermore, you can get a matching bracelet for yourself, which would most likely be the extra small size. The best slider letter bracelets to buy are slider charms that are coated with Rhodium and contain genuine Swarovski crystals, and the clasps of the collars have tiny rhinestones embedded in them.

 The collars themselves often come in various colors such as light blue, light pink, black, red or other color, and the stones come in various colors such as sapphire, pink, lilac, pearl, or other colors. Besides getting rhinestone letters attached, you can also get various shapes, such as a heart, star, cat paw, or cat face shaped emblems. You can find a rhinestone slide letter collar that fits right for your pet, and you can even order them over the internet.  Just use your web browser and you can access them very easily.

Another type of collar is similar to the one above, except that it is designed more to be a safety collar, and not just an ordinary jewelry collar. Each of these collars is decorated with a small colored rhinestone pattern with color schemes including baby pink, emerald, purple, red, green or other colors.  In addition, each of these collars contains at least one D-Ring to use to add a leash or for adding charms. These collars come in sizes from extra small to 4 extra large. These safety collars are just as fashionable as the ones merely for decoration, but serve to keep your animal protected and near you.

Another type of collar for pets has a dual purpose. It is the one that tells time.  These are collars that come in a similar design as a human leather watch.  Some of these collars have digital time watches on them, while others have the classic decorative face clock watches on them.  You can walk your pet and keep track of the time all in one, so you have no excuse for being late anywhere, even if you yourself do not like to wear a watch.

Furthermore, this is a very sophisticated looking collar, and it will allow you to present your animal anywhere in luxury and style.

If you are a pet owner that does not mind wearing watches, you are most likely to find a matching bracelet or “collar” that would fit you as well. You and your cat will be noticed, and everyone would know that you and your pet will belong together.

Most designs of collars with the watch also come with a lead leash to attach to the ring of the collar (of course most people do not walk cats, but it is possible). This collar ring would be big enough to add a name tag onto, which is recommended for most pets, including cats. This helps for the cat to be returned to you if it is lost.

The above examples of pet collars are only a few of the ways you can pamper your cat by helping him or her look her best. Feel free to brows through all the types of collars for your cat.  Some close with a buckle, while others glide shut, and yet others snap.  Many of them adjust to fit your cat is it grows from a kitten to an adult. Furthermore, most collars have places to add decorative charms made out of a variety of materials.

With hundreds of stylish collars to choose from, you are sure to find one that is right for you and your cat. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to click on one of the links on this page or other pages to find a representative from a pet supply store who can help you.

You are sure to find the right size and style collar that is appropriate for you cat within a few clicks from now.  If you need further help, remember many online services are here for you.

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