Kitty Carriers – The Latest in Luxurious Accommodations while Traveling

November 28, 2017

Take your pet along in style.  Now you can choose from many different traveling kitty carriers for your traveling convenience.

One type of cat carrier comes in two different sizes.  It is a tubular shaped carrying case that is made from liquid-proof heavy duty fabric.  One model contains a cushioned flat bottom that serves as a soft place for your cat to stay in while riding in an automobile. This type of carrier is more versatile, because it adapts more to the shape of your pet than the regular square plastic or metal pet carriers.  It has a convenient carrying handle for easy transport to and from the car.

Another one of the latest models of pet carriers is the type that you can carry with you on bike rides, mountain trails, scooter or motorbike.  This carrier is well ventilated, and roomy enough for a small to average sized cat to enjoy the effects of movement from an outdoor trip.  Cats like this movement, which is very similar to the effect of a child who likes car rides. This unit attaches to the back of a human just like a backpack.

For this type of carrier is usually a rain cover. This will ensure that your cat stays dry on the trip. You know how most cats hate water.  This will carry cats up to 13 pounds.

Other types of pet carrier include the trendily decorated carriers that come in a variety of colors, often with an emblem on them.  For example, you can get a bright red pet carrier that looks just like a purse with two handles for easy toting.  One model of this type has a skull and crossbones design imprinted on it. Others of this come in colors such bright blue, and hot pink or bright green, with various emblems imprinted on them such as a horseshoe or other object for a decorative theme.  Each of these pet carriers comes with a name tag, in case of loss.

There are many, many other purse-like pet carrier designs to choose from, some sitting upright, and others sitting sideways, and made out of a variety of materials. Some are constructed from leather, while others are made from softer fabrics, or imitation animal materials.

Another type of pet carrier in which to use is the carrier type that also acts as a play tube. This combo can keep your feline pet occupied, especially on longer trips. It has a carrying handling similar to the tubular carrier mentioned and an opening on the front for the cat to climb out when allowed.

Another type of carrier is the compact plastic type that is lightweight and ventilated enough to carry a pet for miles.  This type is long lasting, and will take your pet anywhere you go.
You have an idea now of the latest models of kitty carriers. You have a wide selection to choose from, and you are apt to find one that fits your needs. You also have many sizes and shapes to choose from, and they often are manufactured from a variety of materials.

Some of the materials that pet carriers are made from are heavy duty waterproof fabrics such as nylon, or durable materials such as plastic, or a form of aluminum or steel.  These materials provide for varying degrees of comfort and convenience for you to take your pet along with you anywhere you go.  Some even come with toys and other accessories which keep your pet occupied during long trips.

With the hundreds of different types of pet carriers available to you for short and long distance travel, you are sure to find one that is appropriate for your use. You can also be certain that you will find one that will help your pet feel comfortable during travel.

Feel free to look around here and search for more information regarding cat carriers and other accessories for your feline pet. You have access to a world of resources available to you regarding the use of pet carriers. This information can help you make an educated decision upon purchasing the right one for your pet.

Take advantage of all the free information right at your fingertips, and often only one or two clicks away. You and your cat will be grateful you did.

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