Great Interactive Toys to Pamper Your Kitty Out of Boredom

November 27, 2017

Kittens are not much different that small children-or even some teens and adults- when in comes to being bored.  Boredom often causes a small cat to get into mischief, and it will scratch furniture, chase and kill birds, or even try to eat the household fish from its tank.

So a cat can have some fun, and stay out of trouble too, it is good for it to have interactive toys to play with, either as a game with its owner, or individually.
Some objects that can be used for kitten games are a wooden stick or plastic pole with a catnip bag, plastic mouse, or foil ball attached to it by a string, a ping pong ball, or a foil hockey puck.  The wooden stick with the object attached by a string would be used to dangle the object on the end in front of the cat, which paws at it as if the object is a predator.
The foil hockey puck is to be used on a kitchen or other floor that will allow it to slide. The pet owner gives the puck a slight push, and watches the cat chase after it as it glides across the floor.  The ping pong ball can be used either to bounce down a staircase or in a bathtub, and the kitten will chase and paw after it.
Often the above described simple interactive toys can be made right at home.  In addition, other toys can be purchased online or in person that serve to interact with a feline pet.  Some of them are round balls with a bell inside that makes noise, squeaky plastic toys, or toys filled with catnip. All these can be thrown or rolled and the kitten will chase after it. Usually a human has to initiate the interaction, but sometimes the kitten will play with the toy on his or her own as well.
Other new toys that have come out within the past few years are the Cat Cuddle Coil, Cat-A-Trail Play Tunnel, Kitty’s Little Garden, and Panic Mouse Interactive cat.  Each of these has a special function to keep a cat busy for quite awhile. These are described further below.
The Cat Cuddle Coil, for instance, is a rainbow shaped coil that looks like a little tunnel in which the cat can crawl into and out of. This is also an ideal place for a cat to crawl into to sleep or rest.  This object lies flat for storage, and should be used under supervision by pet owner.
Another object for cat crawling fun would be the Cat-A-Trail Play Tunnel. These tunnels can be set up two or more in a row for extra fun, and a catnip toy is included in each one.  These have a drawstring for easy storage, and come in colors such as teal, blue, and red, and are made out of nylon material.
One more example of a new cat toy to purchase would be Kitty’s Little Garden. This is a little block garden that can sit on the floor in any room of the house.  It often contains seed compartments of oats, wheat, rye and barley.  Cats, especially wild ones, often eat these in between snacking on mice and other animals.  Also, this can help detract a cat from heading for the garden. Furthermore, cats are thought to be attracted to the moisture content, as well as the high fiber associated with the blades of grass.
Cats would especially love this feline toy that provides hours of fun. It is called the Panic Mouse Interactive cat toy. Each package usually would include a Panic Mouse, plastic wand, and replacement mouse. This toy is battery operated, and has a motor that signals random mouse-like movements, which the cat reacts.  Furthermore, the artificial fur pouch attached to this battery operated toy even looks and feels like a real toy, and operates at several speeds, some slow enough for kittens.
The Panic Mouse Interactive Toy is perfect for people gone for long hours on a job, or even for people on an overnight vacation.  The cat would hardly ever get bored with this battery operated object to keep it busy for hours.
Another version of the Panic Mouse Toy is the model that spins 360 degrees. This one is even more challenging, and brings even more fun into the cat’s life. The timer on this toy can be set for up to two hours, and includes fun accessories to make this toy even more fun to use for the kitten and owner. Again, it has an adjustable speed to accommodate for both kittens and adult sized cats, which provides challenge for the feline pet at any age.
Your kitten is sure to be cured from boredom if he or she gets involved in playing with one of the above interactive toys, either as an individual activity or as a game with the cat’s owner.  If your kitten is having good clean fun with you, it will decrease the tendency for him or her into trouble, and instead enjoy innocent pastimes.
Feel free to visit this site and others as often as you need to in order to continue to challenge your growing kitten. If you do, you will be doing your entire household a favor.

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