Cat Diets – How to Help Your Kitty Retain that Pampered, Lithe Figure

November 28, 2017
You love your cat and your cat loves you.  There is nothing more rewarding than returning home after a long day at work or school and be greeted with a happy meow from your furry little companion, as she rubs against her legs and loudly announces to the world how happy she is that you have finally returned. After giving her a lot of attention and a good back rub, you fix yourself some dinner; but one look at the big eyes convinces you to make up an extra little plate for your furry friend.  Sure, she has a bowl of cat food sitting next to her, and it pretty much holds as much food as it did when you last filled it this morning before you left for work or school, but what possible damage could a little bit of “human food” do to your meowing friend?  As a matter of fact, it could do quite a lot of damage!  Here are four tips on how to help your kitty retain that pampered, lithe figure.

First and foremost, resist the urge to give in to those begging eyes and loud meows.  Table scraps may smell heavenly to your little feline companion, and it may make you feel like a wonderful bonding time to be eating dinner with your cat, but keep in mind that some foods, such as chocolate and onions, are actually toxic to your cat and your giving in to her does her no favors.  Additionally, considering how much fat is in our foods, it is only a logical conclusion that your table scraps will introduce to much fat into her system to be properly digested.  The result of this will be an overweight, unhealthy cat. Quite possibly the worst consequence of your giving your furry companion some of your food for dinner is the fact that it will sate her appetite, and she will turn up her little nose at her own food.  Now cats have special dietary requirements that are germane to the species, and a lack of intake of these nutrients will result in sickness and might even cause death. This is not to say that a little plate for Thanksgiving, Christmas or your kitty’s birthday or adoption day will spell death and destruction for her.  As a matter of fact, a little bit of turkey will be good for her!  Just make sure that this is the exception rather than the rule, and resist the temptation to feed her from your table and instead fix her a special bowl before the meal.

Secondly, inappropriate feeding may lead to a number of health risks in your cat.  Fatty liver disease, obesity, and painful urinary tract disorders are at the top of the list of problems encountered when cats are not properly fed.  Please keep in mind that these illnesses are not only the result of being fed table scraps, but –depending on the cat- may also be the result of inferior quality commercial cat food.  Probably the biggest myth that many cat lovers fall victim to this the tale that all cat food is created equal.  This is simply not true, and you will do well to discuss cat food options in general and those for your little furry companion specifically with your veterinarian.

Third, and probably just as importantly, get into a good working relationship with a veterinarian.  Cat food choices have become so complex, with each manufacturer touting its own brand over all others, that the average cat owner will become quite confused by the varied claims.  Additionally, keeping in mind that a lot of cat foods have been manufactured keeping our human sensitivities in mind, such as the idea of shape, size, color, and even smell, it is no wonder that it is hard to discern which food is actually meeting your kitty’s nutritional needs and which is simply making her bloated and maybe even sick.  A veterinarian will be able to help you maneuver through the maze of a cat’s nutritional needs, understand the difference between taurine and other nutrients listed on the label, and she or he will also help you to finally put to rest the nagging question: dried or canned?

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